”The tasty little dish with very little dressing.”


Mz Kitty is on the move! Edmonton, here she comes!

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Mz Kitty DeMure is a Burlesque Performer, Show Producer, Belly Dancer, Model and social instigator. Her performing career began in 2006 and she has been showcased throughout Canada and the United States. Her love of Burlesque and Belly Dancing comes from the freedom of expression that they bring to people of all backgrounds and body types. She also loves connecting with her fans who have always shown themselves to be open minded, intelligent and joy-filled individuals.

Mz. DeMure is the founder and owner of DeMure Productions, performing in and producing shows, as well as The DeMure School of Burlesque which offers weekly classes and encourages everyone to let their inner Goddess shine! All experience and skill levels are welcome and she can’t wait to work with each and every person who walks through her door.

Mz Kitty is also a single mom and abuse survivor who lives with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and more than anything she believes that everyone has the ability to live a fruitful and positive life. She feels that everyone should have the chance to express themselves however they choose and looks forward to helping more people find the joy in their outlet.


*Bio written for Mz Kitty DeMure by Joshua Murray

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